Born to be by your side

Europass was founded in 1997. In the beginning we were a small business carrying out market analysis and research, promotional activities, linguistic assistance and we created start-ups for companies in various industrial sectors.


We soon realised that spacialisation in a specific sector enale us to refine our solutions into razor-sharp strategies that would maximise our clients' success. With suppliers in the mechanical industry in our focus, we put together a team of formidable expoers with a deep understanding of the commercial dynamics of the sector.

For over 20 years we have been putting Italian mechanical engineering companies in contact with the most important buyers in Europe, breaking down borders and creating business opportunities - we are always right at your side.

  • In response to Covid, we shifted meetings online to guarantee continuity in business opportunities for buyers and suppliers. We look out for your safety as much as your commercial interests.
  • We opted to focus exclusively on developing export management relationships, through consultancy or customer service.
  • Since 2015 we have been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development for internationalisation and TEM services.  
  • The first Europass B2B events were conceived to facilitate direct contact between buyers and suppliers.
  • We established th first web platform dedicated to buyers looking for new subcontractors which was advertised at the most important European trade fairs.
  • We published the first edition of the Mechanics' Sector Guide, which we distributed throughout Europe.
  • We began to expand our services thanks to 'Fairservice', which enabled us to present Italian companies to the most important European clients at major trade fairs.

Our values

At Europass our key values guide our work, our way of being, our approach and the services we offer.
The following 10 principles illustrate who we are and what we believe in, and guide our approach to creating the relationships that will grow your business.


We are, by choice, free from third-party influences of any kind. You can be assured that we will always act exclusively in your best interests and with the highest standards of professionalism. Moreover, our independence frees us to act with the utmost respect for all people, their values and the environment.

Trust and partnership

These are fundamental elements in every personal and professional relationship. They represnet the building blocks for a successful collaboration which enables us to grow  together.

The importance of relationships

Strong relationships add value to any business. Our job is to create the right  relationships that lead to tangible results for our clients.

Technical and commercial skills

We stay on top of new technologies and processes: our expertise and knowledge keeps pace with the dynamics of the mechanical sector, and we constantly adapt our unique commercial skills to reflect this.


Your goals are our goals: each new project is an opportunity for us to improve the growth of your business.

Development and new solutions

Our task is to develop new, specific, efficient solutions every day to internationalise your company.


This is the first and most important step of any strategy: understanding your reality and the market in which you are positioned is essential in devising a strategy to succeed within it.


Each customer is unique: you have your own history, your own distinct organisation, production capability and specific needs. Each project and activity we develop and initiate is customised to ensure your success.


Forging the right connection between your production strenght and the needs of European clients is the cornerstone of our service.

New horizons

We constantly set new goals to expand your world. We lead your company to explore new horizons by exploiting all the tools, new technologies and strategies available.


How can we help you?



Call us on 0039 0423/743836 or fill out the form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.